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MEI Online: Solid-Liquid Separation: Latest News: April 25th 2005


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:: Larox Introduces the all new C48 Series Automatic Pressure Filter - Includes the World’s Largest APF

Larox has now successfully delivered to the market the all-new C48 Series Automatic Pressure Filter including the world’s largest Automatic Pressure Filter with 168m2 of filtration area. This new filter series includes many new design features that provide improved performance of the Larox PF filter. The C48 Series uses the well-proven Larox 6m2 area flat filter plate with filtration areas for the series starting at 36m2. The filters can be equipped with either 33 mm deep or 45 mm deep chamber plates with maximum areas up to 168m2 or alternatively with a 60 mm deep chamber plate with filtration areas up to144m2.

Available in up to 5 standard frame sizes the filters are expandable within the standard frames from 48 - 72m2, 60 - 96m2, 84 - 120m2, 108 - 144m2 and 132 - 168m2 with the 33 and 45 mm deep plates while with the deeper 60 mm plate the expansion options are 48 - 84m2, 60 - 96m2, 84 - 120m2 and 108 - 144m2.

Filter plates are currently standard in AISI 304L, 316L or SAF 2205. A Polypropylene plate for the C48 Series is currently under development and, in combination with the wide range of diaphragm materials, is expected to broaden the range of application of the filter for corrosive processes.

All the Larox C48 Series models are designed to operate at up to16 Bar pressure. The C48 series filters are also equipped with quick acting hydraulic cylinders for fast cycle times with typical plate pack opening, cake discharge and plate pack closing cycles, including cloth washing taking 4 minutes or less.

As with all Larox PF filters, the C48 series features ergonomically designed access structures and safety enclosures that are also aesthetically pleasing while being totally functional and meeting all requisite safety standards. The Larox C 48 Series filters are designed to meet the stated goals of Larox with all of its products:

  • Reduced lifetime production costs
  • Improved product quality, value and consistency
  • Improved safety, health and environmental performance
  • Improved yield and productivity

Proven applications for the C48 Series filter to date include Starch, Talc, Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, Fermentation Broth, Soda Ash Waste and Zeolites.




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