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MEI Online: Solid-Liquid Separation: Latest News: February 16th 2006


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:: New Anionic Flocculant Range is Environment Friendly

Nalco Australia has introduced a new range of anionic HiTex liquid flocculants made of high molecular weight organic polymers that perform well in mineral and solid/liquid separation and processing.

The range of applications includes clarification of thickener overflow or recycled water, dewatering mineral and tailing concentrates, thickening or settling of tailing and mineral concentrates and filtration of mineral and tailing concentrates.

Using a biodegradeable oil as the transport medium, the new range is suitable for processing gravel, alumina, base metals, coal, copper, gold, lead and nickel sands. HiTex is also suitable on wastewater.

Nalco says the floc provides significant productivity and has environmental advantages over the currently available conventional emulsion and powder flocculants. The anionic (positive) charge is varied within the range to take account of different operational and performance characteristics.

Nalco Australia technology product manager Sana Khan says the tangible improvements of the new anionic range include ease of handling, a high solids settling rate and superior total cost of operation.

"Customers are also reporting the new range is giving superior overflow clarity/maximum solids underflow density and improved rheological properties," Khan says.

Anecdotal evidence from Europe and the US suggests improved performance and reduced costs for Nalco customers using the upgraded anionic latex polymers.

The HiTex polymers are fine tuned to adapt the flocs to the needs of the Asia/Pacific market and test results to date indicate the overseas experience will continue here.

"The development of these mineral-specific liquid floc compounds has been a two-year process and is a significant milestone for mineral processors in this country," Khan says.

"We have no reason to believe that results will be any different here and preliminary reports of HiTex applications in Australia indicate that this is the case."




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