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MEI Online: Solid-Liquid Separation: Latest News: August 8th 2007


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:: Larox Upgrades the Patented Pannevis RB-CDV

Larox has successfully released into the marketplace an upgrade in the area of horizontal vacuum belt filters utilizing rubber carrier belt technology the Pannevis RB-SV filter. Evolving from the patented Pannevis RB-CDV filter, which has enjoyed considerable success in the chemical industry, the Pannevis RB-SV from Larox has successfully extended the range of application to heavy duty applications such as mining, minerals and metallurgy. Since its re-release in the 3rd quarter of 2006 orders have been booked for more than 20 RB-SV filters with over 1500m2 of filtration area, ranging from 1.2 up to 4.25m wide, and with applications varying from mining to fine chemicals.

The "parent" of the Pannevis RB-SV technology is the patented Pannevis RB-CDV Filter. The RB-CDV was the first major innovation in rubber carrier belt technology since its original introduction in the 1930s. The design relocates the vacuum box to the outer edge of the rubber belt instead of being in centre underneath the belt, eliminating the difficult access for cleaning and maintenance. In the RB-CDV design the vacuum box is sealed on the side on the belt, providing a laminar filtrate flow into the box. This works very well in many chemical industry and lighter duty washing installations. For the heavier duty applications Larox combined the benefits of the side mounted box with a conventional RB box sealing system in the Pannevis RB-SV extending the range of application to all possible industries that use vacuum belt filter technology.

In the Pannevis RB-SV design the vacuum box is once again placed under the rubber belt, but it is still located on the outer edge of the belt. It therefore requires the sealing of the vacuum box on only one surface as with conventional vacuum box designs. For the widest filters in the range, a vacuum box can be located on each side of the filter to maximize hydraulic flow and ensure optimal performance.

Larox filter designs target maximum availability, minimum operational cost and optimum process results for its customers. These objectives are evident in the RB-SV design and totally differentiate it from conventional designs with the centrally located vacuum boxes.

  • Allows easy tool free access to the vacuum box and seals, facilitating easy & safe cleaning. All components can be accessed from the safety of the filter level walkway.
  • Eliminates winches and hinges for vacuum box movement as the vacuum box is stationary and never moved, even for seal changes.
  • Reduces maintenance time, and adjustments are easier to do. (Eliminates confined space, maintenance work)
  • The vacuum box functions as the air-water separator, eliminating the need for separation vessels.
  • The location of the vacuum box reduces the quantity and cost of large diameter vacuum piping required.
  • Windows in the vacuum box provide a visual indication of the liquids flowing out from the filter.
  • Easy and simple to adjust internal vacuum box partitions, accurately split the mother liquors from wash filtrates, and simplify optimisation of co current, counter current or multiple wash liquor configurations.
  • Low profile, compact construction. The filter does not require access between top and bottom belt, for box lowering and maintenance. This results in a compact design, with an overall height of only 1.8 metres to the top of the belt.
  • Allows a more compact, lower volume building at lower cost.
  • Safe & easy access to all components for operation & maintenance.
  • The heavy duty, low friction rubber belt is supported by conventional conveyor rollers under the rubber carrier belt eliminating both seal water and frictional forces.
  • With the low rolling friction, the belt can take very high cake loads with both lower power requirements and reduced belt wear.
  • The carrier belt which can cost >40% of a new filter price, lasts longer.
  • The rollers are very easy and cheap to change out, like conventional conveyor rollers.
  • No lubrication "glide" water or pumps required.
  • Minimised seal water consumption. The vacuum box seal is fed from the cloth wash water line.
  • There is no leakage of seal lubrication liquids onto the filter frame reducing corrosion, and sludge build up (dry operation).
  • Eliminates cleaning tasks. Eliminates work in confined areas.

About Larox Group

Larox Group is a leading innovator of solid/liquid separation solutions for the world's process industries. Companies in mining and metallurgy, chemical processing and related industries benefit from Larox's high-performance, high-efficiency process solutions, technologies and products.

Larox serves its global client base through its extensive network of sales and service offices, and representatives worldwide. Larox is headquartered in Lappeenranta, Finland




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