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General Manager  [April 5, 2020]

Location: Morowali, Indonesia

PT Merdeka Tsingshan is a joint venture company between Merdeka Copper Gold and Eternal Group Tsingshan Limited to develop Acid Iron Metal processing plant. The project is based in Morowali Industrial Park, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Merdeka Copper Gold Tbk (“Merdeka”), a holding company based in Indonesia with operating subsidiaries engaging in mining business activities, encompassing: (i) exploration; (ii) production of gold, silver, copper (and other related minerals); and (iii) mining services. As a world-class Indonesian mining company, Merdeka is owned by prominent Indonesian shareholdersMore info please click https://www.merdekacoppergold.com/en/assets/wetar-morowali-acid-iron-metal-aim.

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