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Papers presented at the meeting were refereed for publication in Minerals Engineering journal.

Minerals Engineering, Volume 15 Number 11 (supplement)

Special Issue, Pyrometallurgy: Titles and corresponding author
To obtain papers from this special issue please download them from ScienceDirect.

The role of slag modifiers on the selective recovery of cobalt and copper from waste smelter slag

An integrated thermochemical-systems approach to the prediction of matte composition dynamics in an Ausmelt (R) nickel-copper matte converter

Rate-determining steps for reduction in magnetite-coal pellets

Dynamic structures in variance based data reconciliation adjustments for chromite smelting furnace

Fundamentals of zinc recovery from metallurgical wastes in the Enviroplas process

Recovery of vanadium and nickel from petroleum flyash

Recycling of distributed aluminium turning scrap

High temperature carbothermic reduction of Fe2O3-TiO2-MxOy oxide mixtures

DC ARC photography and modelling
Dr.R.T.Jones 104 104

Thermal radiation modelling of DC Smelting furnace freeboards

Technical note

Pilot plant production of ferronickel from nickel oxide ores and dust in a DC arc furnace



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