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Selected papers from the conference have been published in Volume 24 Issue 11 (September 2011), a special issue of Minerals Engineering. The papers can be viewed and downloaded at ScienceDirect.


The conference proceedings CD-ROM is available by emailing Jon Wills. The CD costs £59 which includes postage and contains the following papers:


The bioleaching of six nickel sulphide ores with differing mineralogies in stirred-tank reactors at 30 ºC
R.A. Cameron, K.J. Kennedy (University of Ottawa, Canada), R. Lastra et al (Natural Resources Laboratories, Canada)

Bioleaching and recovery of metals from final slag waste of copper smelting industry
A.H. Kaksonen, L. Lavonen, M. Kuusenaho, A. Kolli, H. Närhi, J.A. Puhakka (Tampere University of Technology, Finland), E. Vestola (VTT Technical Research Centre, Finland) and O.H. Tuovinen (Ohio State University, USA)

The generation of toxic reactive oxygen species from mechanically activated sulfide concentrates
G.C. Jones, R.P. van Hille and S.T.L. Harrison (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

The efficiency of indigenous and designed consortia in bioleaching stirred tank reactors
C.G. Bryan (University of Cape Town, South Africa) C. Joulian, P. Spolaore, S. Challan-Belval, H. El Achbouni, D. Morin, and P. d’Hugues (BRGM Environnement & Procédés, France)

Bioleaching strategies for the treatment of nickel-copper sulfide concentrates
M. Gericke and Y. Govender (Mintek, South Africa)

Respirometry studies of bioleaching of low grade chalcopyrite ore using six acidophilic strains
J. Song, P.D. Franzmann, A.H. Kaksonen (CSIRO Land and Water, Australia), J. Lin and J. Lin (Shandong University, China)

Non-traditional operating conditions for a copper concentrate continuous bioleaching
P. Spolaore, C. Joulian, Y. Ménard and P. d’Hugues (BRGM, Service Environnement et Procédés, France)

Fluoride ion effects on the kinetics of ferrous iron oxidation by sulfobacillus thermosulfidooxidans
L.C. Sicupira, T.C. Veloso, I.C.B. Rodrigues, V.A. Oliveira and V.A. Leão (Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, Brazil)

Inhibition of the bioleaching organism acidithiobacillus thiooxidans by SDS addition
H.-M. Siebert, R. Marmulla and K.-P. Stahmann (University of Applied Science Lausitz, Germany)

Laboratory simulation and optimisation of stope leaching of low-grade uranium ore
K.M. Penman, D.J. Sapsford (Cardiff University, UK), R.J. Bowell and M. Dey (SRK Consulting, UK)

Large particle effects in chemical/biochemical heap leach processes - A review
Y. Ghorbani, J. Petersen, M. Becker, A. Mainza and J.-P. Franzidis (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Performance evaluation of the Skorpion Zinc pinned bed clarifiers
S. Dowling, B. Plaatjies (Skorpion Zinc, Namibia), H. Fuls (Anglo American Asset Optimisation, South Africa) and M. Langton (Roymec Technologies, South Africa)

Gas phase metal extraction case study: the extraction of iron from iron(III) oxide
L.D. van Dyk, E. Mariba (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa), Y. Cheng (University of Nottingham, UK) and J.H. Potgieter (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)

High pressure acid leaching of Turkish laterites
Y.A. Topkaya and S. Kaya (Middle East Technical University, Turkey)

Interaction of microorganisms in a hematite-quartz flotation system
N.A. Abdel-Khalek et al (CMRDI, Egypt), H. Rao (Luleå Technical University, Sweden) and A.-H. Kandel (Helwan University, Egypt)

Extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) from bioleaching systems and its application in bioflotation
Y. Govender and M. Gericke (Mintek, South Africa)

Control of bacterial metal sulfide leaching processes
B.M. Florian, N. Noël, C. Thyssen, I. Felschau and W. Sand (University of Duisburg Essen, Germany)

The effect of temperature on the attachment of metallosphaera hakonensis to a copper sulphide concentrate with application to heap bioleaching
L. Bromfield, C.-J. Africa, S.T.L. Harrison and R.P. van Hille (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Bioleaching of gold and copper from waste mobile phone PCBs by using a cyanogenic bacterium
T.D. Chi (University of Science and Technology, Korea), J.-C. Lee, J. Jeong (KIGAM, Korea), B.D. Pandey (National Metallurgical Laboratory, India) and K. Yoo (Korea Maritime Museum, Korea)

Bioleaching of printed circuit board by acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans
L.Harue Yamane and J.A.S. Tenório (Polytechnic School of São Paulo University, Brazil)

Getting more out of end-of-life vehicles – a bio hydrometallurgical approach
G. Lewis, S. Gaydardzhiev, D. Bastin (University of Liege, Belgium) and P.-F. Bareel (Comet Traitement SA, Belgium)

Commercialisation of the ASTER Process
N. Makhotla, J.W. Olivier and C. van Buuren (Gold Fields Limited, South Africa)

Sequential precipitation of Cu and Fe using a three-stage sulfidogenic fluidized-bed reactor system
D. Ucar, E. Sahinkaya (Harran University, Turkey) and A.H. Kaksonen (CSIRO Land and Water, Australia)

Bioprocessing of coal tailings for the production of the coagulant ferric sulfate
A.V. Colling, J.C.S.S. Menezes and I.A.H. Schneider (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)

Reduction of uranium(VI) by a consortium from Limpopo grown in three different carbon sources
S. Chabalala and E.M.N. Chirwa (University of Pretoria, South Africa)

Biosorption of yttrium, lanthanum, cerium, and neodymium from apatite leaching aqueous solution using platanus orientalis leaf powder
E. Jorjani and S.H. Amirshahi (Islamic Azad University, Iran)

Molecular characterisation of the microbial community of a full-scale bioreactor treating Bayer liquor organic wastes
N.J. McSweeney, D.C. Sutton (University of Western Australia, Australia), A.H. Kaksonen, P.D. Franzmann (CSIRO Land and Water, Australia), A.L. Tilbury, H.J. Nyeboer and A.J. McKinnon (Alcoa World Alumina, Australia)

Adaptation of acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans to printed circuit board from scrap computer
L.Harue Yamane and J.A.S. Tenório (Polytechnic School of São Paulo University, Brazil)

Hydrometallurgical reclamation of Cu, Ag and Sn from waste Pb-free solder using nitric acid
J.-c Lee, E.-y, Kim, S.-k. Kim, J. Jeong (Korea Institute of Geoscience & Mineral Resources, Korea) and K. Yoo (Korea Maritime University, Korea)

Biohydrometallurgical production of hepta-hydrated iron sulfate crystals from the pyrite present in coal tailings
E.M. Vigânico, A.V. Colling and I.A.H. Schneider (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)

Finite difference simulation of biological Cr(VI) removal in aquifer microcosm reactors
P.J. Mtimunye, Z.M. Mboweni, D. Manyisi and E.M.N. Chirwa (University of Pretoria, South Africa)

Biosorption of heavy metals by algae communities in water streams impacted by the acid mine drainage in the coal mining region of Santa Catarina - Brazil
A.P.P. Freitas, I.A.H. Schneider and A. Schwartzbold (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)

Thermodynamic modelling of concentrated sulphuric acid solutions
H. Sippola (Aalto University, Finland)

The conversion of celestite to SrCO3 in ammoniacal solution containing ammonium carbonate/bicarbonate
M. Zoraga and C. Kahruman (Istanbul University, Turkey)

Investigating microbial colonisation in bioheaps with varying irrigation rate
R. Chiume, S. Minnaar, E. Ngoma and S.T.L. Harrison (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Bio-desorption of lithium isotope (7Li+) from a degraded lithiated mixed-bed ion-exchange resin using Acidithiobacillus caldus
M. Basitere, S.K.O. Ntwampe and M.S. Sheldon (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa)

Separation of zirconium and hafnium using electrical field
A. Sadigzadeh, H. Shokri (Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran, Iran) and S.H. Tabaian (Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran)




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