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Wednesday March 24th

09.00Opening Remarks
B.A. Wills (UK)
09.15Poster Introductions
Chairman: A.J. Wills (UK)
09.15Fine mineral coated fillers comminution process control
T. Sverak (Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic) and W. Valderrama R. (University Santa Maria, Chile)
09.20Simulation of particle flows and breakage in crushers using DEM
P.W. Cleary, M. Sinnott and P. Owen (CSIRO, Australia)
09.25A fundamental study of dry and wet grinding in bending tests of glass -effect of repeated impact and number of cracks
N. Kotake, T. Kawaguchi, Y. Kanda and S. Sano (Yamagata University, Japan)
09.30The effect of baffles on the flow regimes within a stirred mill for the fine grinding of kaolin and calcium carbonate.
J. Pendrich, R.W. Barley (Camborne School of Mines, UK), J Kostuch (Imerys, UK) and J. Rance (Rockfield Software Ltd, UK)
09.35Sulphide ore grinding in a pilot plant
G. Alfano, M. Surracco (University of Cagliari, Italy) and P. Saba (IGAG of CNR, Italy)
09.40MONSAG: A new monitoring system for measuring the load filling of a SAG mill
J. Pontt et al (Technical University Federico Santa Maria, Chile) and L.Magne (University of Santiago, Chile)
09.45A novel approach to evaluating breakage parameters and modelling batch grinding
G. Sand and N. Subasinghe (Murdoch University, Australia)
09.50Application of ball mill magnetic metal liners in the Chinese iron ore industry
L. Zhou and Q. Duan (China Mining and Metallurgy Corp., China)
09.55Grindability of oxide ores of Angouran lead and zinc mine, Iran
S. Moradi (Kahanroba Consultant Engineers, Iran) and M. Delavarian (Pars Kani Mineral Industries R&D, Iran)
10.00Coffee and poster viewing
11.10Technical Session 1 - Plant Operations
Chairman: R.W. Barley (UK)
11.10MT. Rawdon case study: design and implementation of a partial secondary crushing circuit to increase milling capacity
B. Putland and B. Siddall (Orway Mineral Consultants, Australia)
11.30Cement grinding optimisation
A. Jankovic (Metso Minerals Process Technology Asia-Pacific, Australia) and E. Davis (Metso Minerals Asia-Pacific, Australia)
11.50Process efficiency aspects for jet mill plant operation
J. Kolacz (Comex AS, Norway)
12.10Optimization of primary gyratory crushing at Highland Valley Copper
P.P. Rosario and R.A. Hall (University of British Columbia, Canada)
14.00Technical Session 2 - AG/SAG and HPGR
Chairmen: M. Powell (South Africa) and S. Kingman (UK)
14.00Batch tests on samples to estimate SAG mill performance
B.K.Loveday (University of Natal, South Africa)
14.20Using DEM to model ore breakage within a pilot scale SAG mill
P.W. Cleary (CSIRO, Australia) and R.D. Morrison (JKMRC, Australia)
14.40Longitudinal behaviour of SAG/AG mills as determined by non-contact acoustic measurements
R. Pax (JKMRC, Australia)
15.00Resonance effects, power quality and reliability issues of high-power converters-fed drives employed in modern SAG circuits
J.Pontt et al (Technical University Federico Santa Maria, Chile)
15.50 Modelling of lifter design, speed and filling effects in AG mills by 3D DEM
N. Djordjevic and F.N. Shi (JKMRC, Australia)
16.10 Worldwide 1st industrial scale HPGR applied for gold ore processing
S. Kirsch (KHD Humboldt Wedag AG, Germany), V. Beloborodov (Mineral Resources Separation Technologies, Russia)
16.30HPGR model verification and scale-up
M. Daniel and S. Morrell (JKMRC, Australia)
19.00Coaches leave Sheraton Hotel for dinner at Perth Zoo.

Thursday March 25th

09.00Technical Session 3 - Stirred Mills
Chairmen: A. Jankovic (Australia)
09.00Medium selection for fine grinding stirred mills
M. Gao (CSIRO Minerals, Australia)
09.20High performance attrition in stirred mills
T. Neeße, F. Schaaff (Friedrich-Alexander University, Germany) and H. Tiefel (AKWA + V GmbH, Germany)
09.40Rheological effects on ultra-fine grinding in stirred mills
J. Yue and B. Klein (University of British Columbia, Canada)
10.00Measurement of the motion of grinding media in a vertically stirred mill using positron emission particle tracking (PEPT) Part II
R.W. Barley, R.D. Pascoe (Camborne School of Mines, UK), J. Conway-Baker, B. McLoughlin (Johnson Matthey Chemicals, UK), J. Kostuch (Imerys, UK) and D.J. Parker (University of Birmingham, UK)
11.00Technical Session 4 – Design and Simulation
Chairmen: B.K. Loveday (South Africa), D. Wiseman (Australia) and W. Valery (Australia)
11.00Modelling comminution processes – detail versus application
R.A. Bearman, D. Tuppurainen and B. Costello (Rio Tinto Technical Services, Australia)
11.20On-line dynamic simulation of grinding circuits
A. Schroder (JK Tech, Australia)
11.40Dynamic simulation of grinding circuits
Y. Liu and S. Spencer (CSIRO Minerals, Australia)
12.00Optimization of mill charge using simulation
V.K. Alves (Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, Brazil), R. Galery, A.E.C. Peres (UFMG, Brazil) and C.L. Schneider (CETEM, Brazil)
12.20Using the Web to increase the availability of DEM-based mill modelling
D. Morton and S. Dunstall (CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences)
14.00Simple texture-based liberation modelling of ores
S.L. Gay (JKMRC, Australia)
14.20A three-dimensional analysis of media motion and grinding regions in mills
M.S. Powell, I. Govender, and A. McBride (University of Cape Town, South Africa)
14.40A multi-objective evolutionary algorithm approach for crusher optimisation and flowsheet design
L. While, L. Barone (University of WA, Australia), P. Hingston, S. Huband (Edith Cowan University, Australia), D. Tuppurainen and R. Bearman (Rio Tinto Technical Services, Australia)
15.00Crushing plant optimisation: finding the optimal machine parameter, wear tolerance and wear part
P. Svedensten, and M. Evertsson (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
15.50Improved model for simulating flow in cone crushers
M. Lindqvist (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
16.10High performance crusher system
C.M. Evertsson (Sandvik Rock Processing, Sweden)
16.30A comminution-liberation model for recycling streams: relationships between product design and recycling
M.B.G. Castro, J.A.M. Remmerswaal, J.C. Brezet, A. van Schaik and M.A. Reuter (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)
16.50Modeling particle breakage in cone crushers
L.M. Tavares and E.A. Carvalho (COPPE, Brazil)

Friday March 26th

09.00Technical Session 5 - Classification Circuits and Mill Media
Chairmen: S. Gay (Australia) and D. Curry (Australia)
09.00VisioRock, an integrated vision technology for advanced control of grinding circuits
O. Guyot, T. Monredon, A. Broussaud (Metso Minerals Cisa, France) and D. LaRosa (Metso Minerals Process Technology Asia Pacific, Australia)
09.20Hydrocyclone control in grinding circuits
T. Neesse, V. Golyk (Friedrich-Alexander University, Germany), V. Reinsch (Grainsoft GmbH, Germany) and G. Kaniut (AKW A+V, Germany)
09.40Trunnion magnetic separator: from concept to present usage
T. Shuttleworth (Eriez Magnetics, USA)
10.00Model development and optimisation of a banana screen for robust performance.
M. Bengtsson, P. Svedensten and M. Evertsson (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
11.00Improvement of the air classifier performance based on experiments and CFD simulations
J. Chmelar, T.H. Bergstrøm, L.R. Hellevik (SINTEF, Norway), J. Kolacz and H. Laux (Comex AS, Norway)
11.20The influence of microwave pre-treatment on closed circuit crusher performance
C.M. Evertsson (Sandvik Rock Processing, Sweden) and S.W.Kingman (University of Nottingham, UK)
11.40Determining the steel media abrasive wear as a function of applied force and friction
T. Chenje and P. Radziszewski (McGill University, Canada)
12.00Comparison of grinding media – Cylpebs vs balls
F.N. Shi (JKMRC, Australia)
12.20Methodologies for the evaluation of grinding media performance at full plant scale
J.E. Sepulveda (Moly-Cop Grinding Systems, Chile)




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