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"A thoroughly enjoyable experience [Comminution '16]. It was interesting to look at the comminution business from a slightly different angle. Most of us commercial people specialise in a specific area, so good to see what everybody else is doing."
Tim Lane, Sales and Marketing Engineer, Crushing and Screening, Sandvik Mining, South Africa

"Congratulations on a great conference [Comminution '16]. Good papers, made more powerful by a single stream which meant high attendance at each session, and good long breaks for informal discussions throughout the day, and meals in a spacious vendors area to encourage circulation. A great formula for a conference - quality over quantity, and time for discussion and networking and to keep the energy levels high. I wish all conferences could manage this balance so well."
Joe Pease, Mineralis Consulting, Chairman CEEC

"Comminution '16 was an informative and successful event. We met old friends in the field, with whom we discussed about the trend of the mineral processing process. Also it is a great chance to make acquaintance with new professional scholars from research institutes and universities, which allows us big opportunities to catch up with the most updated scientific achievements and share our work made in the superfine grinding sphere. Comminution provides significant help in applying the new technology into practical industrial production. Look forward to seeing you in next Comminution in 2018."
Alex Wang, King's Ceramics & Chemicals Co. Ltd, China

"Yet another successful conference, Comminution '16 ticked all the boxes for us, focused on our core business and had plenty of time allotted for networking and socialising. The presentations are well arranged and run in a good order with the coarser end of comminution in the early stages and the finer at the end of the conference, along delegates to pick and choose sessions that interest them best. As with most conferences it would be good to see more operators present, but in these hard times that is not surprising. So congratulations again to MEI for another very good conference, with some great content and well and efficiently run. Looking forward to Comminution '18 already..."

Nick Wilshaw, Grinding Solutions, UK

"I was impressed with Comminution '16 because a positive attitude was maintained in the conference. We got several good leads that are looking like new business for us � both in the mill design and the partner lab area."
John Starkey, Starkey & Associates, Canada

"The conference [Comminution '16] was great and those who attended Comminution 14 will see most of the challenges given by keynote speakers in that conference were addressed by the papers presented this year and the exhibition on show which highlighted progress that has been made in the area of technology and innovation."
Aubrey Mainza, Uni. of Cape Town, South Africa

"Excellent conference [Comminution '16]! High quality presentations and discussions. A great mix of application and innovation."
Bern Klein, Uni. of British Columbia, Canada

"As always a well organised conference [Comminution '16] by the inimitable Wills team, I could only attend the first two days so missed the rest, think RME deserves a special word of thanks for the excellent function they arranged at Durbanville Wine Estate. It was good to see a full house of exhibitors, despite the economic conditions, a pity that so few mining companies were represented, still a great opportunity for networking. We look forward to 2018's event."
Nic Barkhuysen, Derrick Solutions, South Africa

"Excellent seminar [Comminution '16], lot of interesting paper from the plant operation, good interaction with key indusry players & academics. We shall definitely participate in the next one."
Tapash Bhattacharjee, Polycorp, Canada

"Thanks for the very well organized conference once again with excellent themes and topics covered. I�m always pleased to be at Comminution series, and this time, in Comminution '16, I was honoured by the MEI's Young Person's Award which is definitely a great milestone in my career. So, I would like to thank you once again for this."
Hakan Dundar, Hacettepe University, Turkey

"I have to say that the conference [Comminution '16] exceeded my expectations (it was my first MEI conference), very well organized encompassing top quality work, looking forward to Comminution 18."
Cristi�n Carrasco, CRC Ore, Australia

"In my opinion being at Comminution '16 was very productive. It was also thoroughly enjoyable and hugely informative to someone like myself not from the sector. Once again thank you for the professionalism and overall quality of the whole event."
Quentin de Jager, Crushforce, South Africa

"Thanks for organizing the Comminution '14 Conference. It not only enhanced my knowledge but also helped me identify solutions to the milling circuit I manage. Some of the discussions we had, we have carried them forward as part of the business process improvements. I also managed to identify with a huge pool of knowledgeable people from across the world. I could not imagine communicating daily and interacting with people from SA, USA, France, Iran, China, Australia and various other countries. Some have become my friends, importantly. Thanks so much and I look forward to be at the next conference."
Clifford Farai Mutevhe, Anglo American Platinum, Zimbabwe

"Excellent opportunity to learn.... I enjoyed a lot the conference [Comminution '14] and I will be in the next conference"
Douglas B. Mazzinghy, Anglo American, Brazil

"Thanks to all the MEI team for another great Conference [Comminution '14], great location and some really good papers. A very thought provoking few days with some good insight into the next generation of comminution technology."
Nick Wilshaw, Grinding Solutions, UK

"Thank you for a great conference [Comminution '14] and thank you to all the presenters for the excellent papers presented."
Michael Rauscher, CITIC Heavy Industries South Africa

"Another excellent conference [Comminution '14] ... There was a very good mix of industrial and academic papers/posters stimulating a lot of discussion and exchanges. Looking forward to Comminution '16!"
Peter Radziszewski, Metso, Canada

"Comminution '14 offers a high concentration of potential clients as well as contact with former colleagues and friends within the industry. The coffee breaks, lunches and social functions are an extremely important part of the event.
Chris Martin, RSG Inc., USA

"Thank you for the opportunity for Keramos to be a sponsor of Comminution '12. Cameron and I attended the event in 2010 and thoroughly enjoyed our experience. We look forward to a similarly great event in 2012."
Graeme Dean, Managing Director, Keramos (sponsors of Comminution '12 and Comminution '14)

"The conference [Comminution '12] is very useful for both, scientists and practicing specialists, working in this field. I would like to thank all the organizers once again for a wonderful conference. TOMS is planning to participate in the conference in 2014 and to be a sponsor as well." Arkady Senchenko, Managing director, TOMS institute, Irkutsk, Russia

"Thoroughly enjoyed the conference [Comminution '12], great venue and some very good presentations."
Aidan Giblett, Newmont Mining Corporation, USA

"I'd just like to thank you and the family for putting together a very enjoyable, informative and thoroughly professional conference last week in Cape Town [Comminution '10]. Very pleased to hear we'll be back there in two years. Once again thank you very much it was one the best run events I have attended."
Dave Capstick, Director Sales, Deswik Mining Consultants (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

"Thanks for the conference [Comminution '10]. It was a great networking opportunity and an excellent variety of papers and topics were discussed."
Braam Durant, Anglo Platinum - DML, South Africa

"Enjoyed Comminution '10 and met several very interesting people there."
Hans von Michaelis, Randol International, South Africa

"I congratulate you for a very successful conference. Thank you very much for everything.
I met valuable colleagues which may result in lasting relationships. This Comminution 08 conference did move my career forward in a meaningful way. It was one of the most productive conferences I have ever attended."
Prof. Tarik Ozkahraman, University of Suleyman, Turkey

"I congratulate you for a very successful conference. Thank you very much for everything.
I met valuable colleagues which may result in lasting relationships. This Comminution 08 conference did move my career forward in a meaningful way. It was one of the most productive conferences I have ever attended."
Prof. Tarik Ozkahraman, University of Suleyman, Turkey

"Comminution 08 was a really enjoyable and important conference. It gave an excellent update of the current status in comminution research. Also, thanks to its (fairly) small format it was possible to have informal discussions with those in the field."
Dr. B. P�lsson, Lule� University of Technology, Sweden

"We have received a lot of pleasure from the organization of your conference [Comminution 08]. At your conference we felt as our home. The fine organization!!! I think, your conference is the best of the world on crushing and grinding ores. Also many thanks for yours spouse, your son, your daughter and all your assistants, who helped you to make such fine conference."
Alexander Hvan, Navoi Mining, Uzbekistan

"Cornwall was a very pleasant surprise and apart from being effective business-wise, I had an excellent time [at Comminution 08]."
Hans von Michaelis, Randol International, USA

"It was my first visit to the Comminution conference [Comminution 08] and I would like to send you and your family my thanks and appreciation for an excellently organized meeting. I am looking forward to participating in your future meetings."
Boris Farber, Zircoa Inc., USA

"I really liked Falmouth, wonderful choice of place for this conference [Comminution 08]. Good organization, good food, nice hotel."
Mattias �stholm, Metso Minerals (Sala) AB, Sweden

It was my third time attending Comminution [Comminution 08]. I enjoyed it!
Prof. Jorge Pontt, University Federico Santa Maria, Chile

"Thank you for providing a valuable comminution forum [Comminution 04] in Perth. We enjoyed being associated with this conference and the exposure it brought with it."
Sarah DeBono, Senior Process Engineer, Xstrata Technology (sponsors of Comminution 04, Comminution 06 & Comminution 08)

"I wish to congratulate you and your "team" again for the excellence of everything at Comminution '04, and I hope I can be available again for Comminution '06"
Alain Broussaud, Metso Minerals Cisa, France

"This conference (Comminution 01) has provided a good mix for us because we are not only into grinding mills as capital equipment, but we're also in consumables and wear parts for both crushing and grinding operations."
Steve Hall, Bradken Mineral Processing Sales and Marketing Manager

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