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Published Papers


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Thirty-eight selected papers from the conference have been published in Volume 21 Issue 12-14 of Minerals Engineering. The papers can be accessed on ScienceDirect at www.sciencedirect.com/science/issue/5989-2008-999789987-698774.


Conference Proceedings CD-ROM

The conference proceedings CD-ROM is available by emailing Jon Wills. The CD costs £75 which includes postage and contains the following papers:


Symposium on Flotation Fundamentals: Physics and Chemistry



On the optimization of hydrodynamics in fine particle flotation
H. Schubert (TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany)

Novel technology to increase fine mineral recovery
M. Churchill (Dorr-Oliver Eimco, South Africa) and B. Lumsden (Ausmetec, Australia)

Advances in flotation technology - the way to make the sorting process flexible for the future application
W. Jaspers, O. Handy and L. Markworth (Humboldt Wedag, Germany)

An investigation into the use of electro-flotation in the industrial treatment of fine mineral particles
N. Barbian, J.J. Cilliers (Imperial College, UK), G. Montes-Atenas and P. Grassia (University of Manchester, UK)


Gas Dispersion: Pulp and Froth Effects

Rheological effects on gas dispersion
D.A. Deglon, N.Z.P Shabalala and M.C. Harris (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Froth RTD measurement in large flotation cells
J. Yianatos, L. Bergh, K. Tello (Santa Maria University, Chile), F. Díaz (Chilean Commission of Nuclear Energy, Chile) and A. Villanueva (Codelco, Chile)

Modelling attachment rates of multi-sized particles and bubbles in a flotation cell
P.T.L. Koh and M.P. Schwarz (CSIRO Minerals, Australia)

Predicting bubble size distributions from image analysis
Yingjie Wang and S. Neethling (Imperial College London, UK)

Coarsening foam – numerical modeling and experimental results
H. Do, M. Brady, P.P. Vlachos, D.P. Telionis and R.-H. Yoon (Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, USA)

Predicting the air recovery from flotation cells
S. Neethling and J. Cilliers (Imperial College London UK)

Investigation of the effect of energy on flotation kinetics using a novel oscillating grid flotation cell
D.A. Deglon, C. Changunda and M.C. Harris (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Behaviour of particles during coalescence of bubbles
S. Ata and G.J. Jameson (University of Newcastle, Australia)

Tomography imaging of gas holdup distribution in a flotation cell
J. Kourunen, L. Heikkinen (University of Kuopio, Finland), A. Rinne and K. Saloheimo (Outotec, Finland)

Impact of frother on bubble production and behaviour in the pulp zone
C. Acuña (Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile), J.E. Nesset and J.A. Finch (McGill University, Canada)


Surface Analysis Techniques

Thiolate layers on metal sulfides characterised by XPS, ToF-SIMS and NEXAFS spectroscopy
S.W. Goh, A.N. Buckley, B. Gong (University of New South Wales, Australia), R. Woods (Griffith University, Australia), R.N. Lamb (Australian Synchroton, Australia), L.-J. Fan and Y.-Wen Yang (National Synchroton Research Centre, Taiwan)

An in-situ ATR-FTIR investigation of adsorption and orientation of heptyl xanthate at the lead sulphide/aqueous solution interface
A. Fredriksson and A. Holmgren (Lulea University of Technology, Sweden)

In situ particle film ATR-FTIR studies of CMC adsorption on talc: the effect of ionic strength and multivalent metal ions
L.T. Cuba-Chiem, L. Huynh, J. Ralston, and D.A. Beattie (Ian Wark Research Institute, Australia)

The effect of bulk heterogeneities on the Cu activation of sphalerite
S.L. Harmer, A. Mierczynska-Vasilev, W.M. Skinner, D. Beattie (Ian Wark Research Institute, Australia) and A.N. Buckley (University of New South Wales, Australia)

AFM studies on the effect of cations on CMC adsorption on talc
N. Schreithofer (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland) and L. Parolis (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

A TOF – SIMS investigation of the effect of calcium ions on the adsorption of CMC onto the basal planes of New York talc
E. Burdukova, D.J. Bradshaw (University of Cape Town, South Africa), G.C. Van Leerdam, F.E. Prins, R.G. Smeink (Akzo Nobel Industrial Chemicals, The Netherlands) and J.S. Laskowski (University of British Columbia, Canada)


Flotation Chemistry

Mechanisms of trithiocarbonate adsorption
J.A.Venter and M.K.G. Vermaak (University of Pretoria, South Africa)

Quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) approach for the selection of chelating mineral collectors
R. Natarajan and I. Nirdosh (Lakehead University, Canada)

Effect of flotation reagents in zinc recovery from tailings
A.H. Navidi-Kashani and F. Rashchi (University of Tehran, Iran)

Flotation of oxidised copper sulphide minerals
D. Fornasiero and A. Henderson (Ian Wark Research Institute, Australia)

Development of new frothers through hydrodynamic characterization of frother chemistry
F. Cappuccitti (Flottec, USA) and J.A. Finch (McGill University, Canada)


Symposium on Flotation Applications and Plant Practice



On lifetime costs of flotation operations
H. Oravainen, H. Allenius, A. Rinne and A. Peltola (Outotec, Finland)

High chrome grinding media plant trial in a copper regrind mill
J. Kinal (Magotteaux Australia Pty Ltd, Australia)

The differential separation of copper sulphides by flotation
G.W. Heyes (Consultant, Australia)

The role of synthetic minerals in determining the relative flotation behaviour of Platreef PGE tellurides and arsenides
S. Shamaila (Anglo Research-Crown Mines, South Africa) and C.T. O’Connor (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Improving the recovery of molybdenite in the Kennecott Utah Copper bulk flotation circuit
B. Triffett, C. Veloo (Kennecott Copper, USA), B.J.I. Adair (JKMRC, Australia) and D.J. Bradshaw (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Sulfonate reagents for processing industrial minerals
Guoxin Wang, F.J. Sotillo, S.H. Sutherland and J.R. Walker (ArrMaz Custom Chemicals, USA)


Equipment, Instrumentation, Measurement & Control

Froth recovery of industrial flotation cells
J.B. Yianatos, F. Contreras (Santa Maria University, Chile), M.H. Moys (Witwatersrand University, South Africa) and A. Villanueva (Codelco-Chile, Chile)

Bias estimation using conductivity measurements
M. Maldonado, A. Desbiens and R. Del Villar (Laval University, Canada)

An update on the estimation of the froth depth using conductivity measurements
M. Maldonado, A. Desbiens and R. Del Villar (Laval University, Canada)

Sampling large scale platinum flotation circuits
R.G. Coleman, D.J. Alexander (JKTech Pty Ltd, Australia) and A. Anyimadu (Anglo Platinum, South Africa)

The Dual Outlet Device – key to size selective flotation
G.A. Wierink, K. Heiskanen (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland), T. Niitti and J. Turunen (Outotec, Finland)

On-line froth acoustic emission measurements in industrial sites
C. Vanegas and P. Holtham (JKMRC, Australia)

Positron Emission Particle Tracking as a method to map the movement of particles in the pulp and froth phases
K.E. Waters, J.J. Cilliers (Imperial College London, UK), N.A. Rowson, X. Fan and D.J. Parker (University of Birmingham, UK)


Design, Operation, Optimisation and Simulation

Residual amine in iron ore flotation
G.M.B. Batisteli (Samarco Mineracao SA, Brazil) and A.E.C. Peres (UFMG, Brazil)

Mass balance and mineral liberation analysis of flotation plant survey samples to improve plant metallurgy
Z. Dai, A. Lee and P. Wells (CVRD Inco Technical Services Ltd, Canada)

Air rate profile optimisation: from simulation to bank improvement
C. Smith, S. Neethling and J.J. Cilliers (Imperial College London, UK)

Progress in understanding flotation performance in operating plant via bench scale simulation
M.P. Hay (Eurus Mineral Consultants, South Africa)

Unsteady flow and turbulence in a flotation cell
Y. Yang, M. Brady, P.P Vlachos, D.P. Telionis, R.-H. Yoon (Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, USA) and A. Weber (Dorr-Oliver Eimco, USA)

Optimum distribution of flotation circuit capacity based on ore and machine characteristics – a plant case study
X. Zheng, A. Zarantonello G.A. Banini and J.B. Mosher (PT Freeport Indonesia, Indonesia)

Evaluation of the largest flotation cells at Minera Los Pelambres
J.B. Yianatos, F. Henríquez (Santa Maria University, Chile) and L. Tapia (Compania Minera Pelambres, Chile)

A discussion of the occurrence and undesirable flotation behaviour of orthopyroxene and talc in the processing of mafic deposits
N.O. Lotter (Xstrata Process Support Group, Canada), D.J. Bradshaw, L.J. Kormos, M. Becker and L.A.S. Parolis (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Optimising down the bank flotation froth performance in Metso’s 3m3 test cell
K.C. Runge (Metso Minerals Process Technology, Australia) and B. Seaman (BHP Nickel West Technology Group, Australia)

Establishing the relationship between grind size and flotation recovery using modelling techniques
K.C. Runge, J. McMaster (Metso Minerals Process Technology, Australia) and M. Ijsselstijn (Rio Tinto Northparkes Mining Operation, Australia)

The effect of high cleaner feed density due to upstream thickening on cleaner circuit performance
E. Nel, M. Valenta (Metallicon Process Consulting, South Africa), V.E. Coetzee (Impala Platinum Ltd, South Africa) and N. Kumalingac (Marula Platinum Ltd, South Africa)

Recent advances in placing automated analytical laboratories in processing plants to provide rapid data for process control purposes
P. Hofmeyr (Innovative Met Products, South Africa)



The effect of air flowrate on the flotation of fine mineral particles
N. Barbian, J.J. Cilliers (Imperial College London, UK), T. Nelson and P. Grassia (University of Manchester, UK)

Flotability of apatites and gangue minerals of an igneous phosphate ore
L.A.F. Barros (SPI do Brasil, Brazil), E.E. Ferreira (CVRD, Brazil) and A.E.C. Peres (UFMG, Brazil)

The flotation of fine particles using charged microbubbles
K. Waters, K. Hadler and J.J. Cilliers (Imperial College London, UK)

Adsorption mechanisms of Cr (VI) on the modified bauxite tailings
Wang Yuhua, Lan Ye and Hu Yuehua (Central South University, China)

Effect of N-substituent groupings on performance of thionocarbamates as selective collectors for copper sulfide minerals: density functional calculation
Guangyi Liu, Hong Zhong and Tagen Dai (Central South University, China)

Research on the relationship of three amine collectors’ structure and their flotation performances on three aluminosilicates
Cao Xuefeng, Liu Changmiao, and Hu Yuehua (Central South University, China)

Effect of cationic groupings on performance of 12-carbon chain collectors in flotation separation of diaspore from kaolinite, pyrophyllite and illite
Hong Zhong et al (Central South University, China)

The effect of collector dosage, particle size and impeller speed on the performance of Jordanian phosphate flotation: lab scale study
S. Al-Thyabat, K. Tarawneh (Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan) and I. Rawashdeh et al (Jordan Phosphate Mines, Jordan)

Effects of surface heterogeneities on coal flotation
D. Fornasiero, K. Quast, L. Ding and J. Ralston (Ian Wark Research Institute, Australia)

Carrier-microencapsulation using Si-catechol complex for suppressing pyrite floatability
R.K.T. Jha, J. Satur, N. Hiroyoshi, M. Ito, and M. Tsunekawa (Hokkaido University, Japan)

Comparing the recovery of zinc from low grade tailing through flotation by oxine and dithizone
A. Khodadadi, S.M. Koleini (Tarbiat Modares University, Iran) and A. Hajati Iran Science and Technology University, Iran)




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