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June 14th

Technical Session 1- Modelling

A comprehensive CFD model of dense medium cyclone performance
M. Narasimha (Tata Steel, India), M.S. Brennan, P.N. Holtham and T.J. Napier-Munn (JKMRC, Australia)

Multi-phase modelling of hydrocyclones - prediction of air core diameter and cut-size
M.S. Brennan, P.N. Holtham (JKMRC, Australia) and M. Narasimha (Tata Steel, India)

Using computational fluid dynamics to model particle classification in the three-product cyclone
A. Mainza, M.S. Powell (University of Cape Town, South Africa), M. Narasimha (Tata Steel, India), M. Brennan (JKMRC, Australia) and P. Holtham (JKMRC, Australia)

Stochastic modelling of cyclone separation
J. Bosman (University of Pretoria, South Africa)

Dynamic modelling of the hydrocyclone
T. Neesse, H. Dueck (University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany) and L. Minkov (University Tomsk, Russia)

Technical Session 2- Fundamentals

Examination of basic swirl flow in hydrocyclones
M.J. Doby, T. Dyakowski (Manchester University, UK) and A.F. Nowakowski (University of Sheffield, UK)

The effect of particle size measurement on cyclone efficiency interpretation
J. Bosman (University of Pretoria, South Africa)

Air core formation in the hydrocyclone
T. Neesse, H. Dueck (University Erlangen-Nremberg, Germany) and V. Golyk (AKW A+V GmbH, Germany)

Volume split control of a hydrocyclone group
T. Neesse (University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany), H. Tiefel, P. Kaniut (AKW A+V GmbH, Germany)


June 15th

Technical Session 3- Applications

Theory of asphaltene precipitation in a hydrocarbon cyclone
D.N. Madge (SNC Lavalin Inc. Canada) and W.N. Garner (Suncor Energy Inc, Canada)

Performance of a deoiling hydrocyclone during variable flow rates
T. Husveg, T. Bilstad (University of Stavanger, Norway) and O. Rambeau (TOTAL, Norway)

Tangential velocity measurements in a conical hydrocyclone operated with fibre suspension
J. Bergstrom and H. Vomhoff (STFI-Packforsk AB, Sweden)

CFD modeling of CANMET hydrocyclone for the oil industry
M. Slack, D. Vedapuri (Fluent Inc., UK), K.A. Hashmi and H.A. Hamza (CANMET Energy Technology Centre, Canada)

The selection and application of densifiers in dense medium circuits
J. Bosman (University of Pretoria, South Africa)

Recovery of kaolinite from oil sands fine tailings using the CANMET hydrocyclone
M. Chang et al (University of Alberta, Canada), K. Hashmi et al (CANMET Energy Technology Centre, Canada)

Afternoon tour of historic Camborne-Redruth Mining District




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