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Selected papers from the conference have been published in Volume 19 Number 10 (2006) of Minerals Engineering. Abstracts and full text can be accessed from ScienceDirect


The conference proceedings CD-ROM is available by emailing Jon Wills. The CD costs £55 which includes postage and contains the following papers:


Model Parameters

Incorporating measured material interaction properties in Discrete Element Methods
R. Chandramohan, R Sarracino and M S Powell (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Effect of contact forces in a discrete element code for applications in minerals processing
J.E.Olsen, L.R.Hellevik, P. Skjetne (SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Norway) and R.Holdahl (SINTEF ICT, Norway)


Complex Flow

Modeling of mixing processes using CFD: numerical considerations
C.J. Meyer, C. Bakker and D.A. Deglon (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Numerical study of particle-fluid flow in hydrocyclones of different parameters
B. Wang and A.B. Yu (University of New South Wales, Australia)

Study of flow behaviour in a three product cyclone using computational fluid dynamics technique
M. Narasimha (Tata Steel, India), A. Mainza, M.S. Powell (University of Cape Town, South Africa), P.N. Holtham and M. Brennan (JKMRC, Australia)


Particulate Systems

What is required from DEM simulation to model breakage in mills?
M. Powell and A. McBride (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Modelling of grinding pressure within compressed particle bed
N. Djordjevic and R. Morrison (JKMRC, Australia)

Effect of material properties of grinding media on particle flow in IsaMill
C. Jayasundara et al (University of New South Wales, Australia) and D. Curry (Xstrata, Australia)

Validation of DEM using an empirical power model derived from 3D particle tracking experiments
I. Govender, R. Sarracino and M.S. Powell (University of Cape Town, South Africa)


Moving Particle Beds

Numerical study of a centrifugal fluidized bed separator
X. Wang and N. J. Miles (University of Nottingham, UK)

Capillary forces in a discrete element code for prediction of moving bed velocity
L.R.Hellevik, J.E.Olsen, P. Skjetne (SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Norway) and R.Holdahl (SINTEF ICT, Norway)

Modelling of the separation process in a ferrohydrostatic separator using PFC3D
V. Murariu and P. Sergeant (De Beers SA, South Africa)


Mixed Model Systems

Simulating froth surfaces: from image analysis to flotation performance
Y. Wang and S.J. Neethling (University of Manchester, UK)

Computational modeling of reactive multi-phase flows in porous media: applications to metals extraction and environmental recovery processes
M. Cross, C.R. Bennett, D. McBride (University of Wales, UK) and J.E. Gebhardt (PERI, USA)

Simulation of the cake formation and growth in cake filtration
L.A. Ni et al (University of New South Wales, Australia), G.Q. Lu et al (University of Queensland, Australia)

A dynamic - CFD hybrid model of a submerged arc furnace for phosphorus production
E. Scheepers, A.T. Adema, Y. Yang, M.A. Reuter (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)

Simulating flotation circuits
S.J. Neethling (University of Manchester, UK)

Investigation of the dynamics of fines in wire mesh filters
P. Skjetne, J.E.Olsen, L.R.Hellevik (SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Norway) and R.Holdahl (SINTEF ICT, Norway)



A computational modelling of heap bioleaching process for extraction of metals from sulfide ores
S.M. Mousavi et al (Sharif University of Technology, Iran) and A. Jafari (Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland)

Use of Discrete Element Modelling as a design and optimisation tool for mineral processing operations
J. Favier (DEM Solutions Ltd, UK)

Computer computation and ion exchange technology
A. Nesbitt (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa)

Mineral matter transformation during Sasol-Lurgi gasification - utilization of HT-XRD and FactSage modelling
J.C. van Dyk and M. Coertzen (Sasol Technology, South Africa)

Numerical simulation of magnetite segregation in a dense medium cyclone
M.Narasimha (Tata Steel, India), M. Brennan and P.N.Holtham (JKMRC, Australia)




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