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MEI Online: MEI Conferences: Solid-Liquid Separation 02: Technical Programme

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Tuesday 18th June


Technical Session 1- Reagents

Historical use and future development of chemicals for solid-liquid separation in the mineral processing industry
M.J. Pearse (Ciba Specialty Chemicals, UK)

The importance of flocculant choice with consideration to mixing energy to achieve efficient solid-liquid separation
S. Weir and G.M. Moody (Ciba Specialty Chemicals, UK)

The utilization of reagents to improve industrial filtration
S.C. Amarante, A.C. Araujo (Mineraacoes Brasileiras Reunidas (Brazil), C.L.P. Dias and G.E.S. Valadao (UFMG, Brazil)

Flocculant performance assessment in a continuous-flow Couette mixing device
A.T. Owen, P.D. Fawell, J.D. Swift and J.B. Farrow (AJ Parker Cooperative Research Centre for Hydrometallurgy, Australia)

Application of a novel bioflocculant by bacillus firmus MS-102 for solid liquid separation
H. Salehizadeh and S.A. Shojaosadati (Tarbiat Modarres University, Iran)

Effects of flocculation conditions on the dewaterability of suspensions
J. Hulston, R.G. de Kretser and P.J. Scales (University of Melbourne, Australia)


Technical Session 2- Modelling and simulation

Solid-liquid separation equipment selection and modelling
R.G. Holdich (Loughborough University, UK)

Software for design and simulation of gravity thickeners
P. Garrido, R. Burgos, F. Concha (University of Concepcion, Chile) and R. Burger (University of Stuttgart, Germany)

Flow visualisation and computational prediction in thickener rake models
I. Sutalo, D. Paterson, J. Farrow and M. Rudman (CSIRO Thermal and Fluids Engineering, Australia)

Wednesday 19th June


Technical Session 3- Filtration 1

Automatic pressure filters in minerals processing and metallurgical applications
I. Townsend (Larox Corporation, UK)

On-line moisture determination of ore concentrates. A review of traditional methods and introduction of a novel solution
P.A. Cancilla (Heath & Sherwood Ltd, Canada), P. Barrette and F. Rosenblum (Noranda Inc., Canada)

The application of mechatronics in variable pressure filtration and its impact on filter simulation
E.S. Tarleton (Loughborough University, UK) and M.D. Foley (Esso Petroleum, UK)

Clarification by slotted surface microfilters
R.G. Holdich, I.W. Cumming, A.J. Bromley and G. Stefanini (Loughborough University, UK)

The investigation into an improved method of dewatering fine coal
Q.P. Campbell and M. le Roux (Potchefstroom University for CHE, South Africa)


Technical Session 4- Filtration 2

Measurement and correction for medium resistance in laboratory batch filtration tests
R.G. de Kretser and P.J. Scales (University of Melbourne, Australia)

Why don't more operators use HDSTM precipitation techniques?
P. Gabb (Mendip Technology, UK), R. Dennis (Tetra Process Technologies, USA), D. Purdie and P. Evans (HG Engineering, Canada)

Application of a horizontal belt filter and E-cat thickener at Cleveland Potash (UK)
R. McConnell (Cleveland Potash, UK) and L. MacNamara (Eimco, UK)

Interfering of coarse particles with finest of different shape in cake model
M. Mota, J.A. Teixeira, A. Yelshin (Universidade do Minho, Portugal) and W.R. Bowen (University of Wales Swansea, UK)

Thursday June 20th


Technical Session 5- Centrifugal Separation

Separation of barite from Sar-Cheshmeh copper anode slimes using stub cyclones
M. Abdollahy (Tarbiat Modarres University, Iran) and N.M. Rice (University of Leeds, UK)

Wet counterflow classification in the centrifugal field
G. Adam and J. Stein (Hosokawa Alpine AG, Germany)

Performance enhancements to the desliming circuit at the San Rafael tin mine in Peru
J. Turner (Axsia Mozley Ltd, UK)

Hydrocyclones in dewatering circuits
B. Firth (CSIRO Energy Technology, Australia)

Enhanced fine coal dewatering performance
M.K. Mohanty (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, USA)

The influence of hydrocyclone geometry on separation performance
S. M. Parks, O. Oluwole, W. I. Wehbe, (Michigan State University, USA) T. Olson (Krebs Engineers, USA) and C. A. Petty (Michigan State University, USA)


Technical Session 6- Thickening

Practical application of de-watering theory to industrial thickening and consolidation
R.G. de Kretser, D.L. Lester, S.P. Usher and P.J. Scales (University of Melbourne, Australia)

Eimco High-Density and Deep ConeTM thickeners: a new field in mineral processing
S. Slottee (Eimco, USA) and L. MacNamara (Eimco, UK)

Fluid flow in thickener feedwell models
T.V. Nguyen, R.B. White (CSIRO Minerals, Australia) and I.D. Sutalo (CSIRO Building, Construction & Engineering, Australia)

Sedimentation of clay in ultrasonic medium
G. Onal, M. Ozer and F. Arslan (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey)



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