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MEI Online: MEI Conferences: Automated Mineralogy 06: Introduction

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Mineralogists are able to draw on a wide range of techniques which allow for the automated analysis of earth resource materials. These include optical, near infra-red, x-ray beam, laser beam, electron beam, and proton beam techniques, to name a few.

This conference brought together professionals concerned with the analysis and interpretation of mineralogical data using automated techniques, as well those involved with the development of hardware and software solutions to aid automated mineralogical analysis. Papers were invited on the following suggested topics:

  • reviews on existing automated techniques
  • new automated techniques
  • optical-based systems
  • electron-beam based systems
  • X-ray based system
  • software data processing packages in-stream, on-line, on-belt analysis
  • applications in the earth resources industries
  • process mineralogy case studies
  • novel sample preparation techniques
  • case studies

Automated Mineralogy 06 was immediately followed by iUG06 Invitational (Annual QEMSCAN User Group Meeting) which took place on 19 - 20 July 2006 at the Brisbane Hilton. For further information contact Jolene Alfred on jolene.alfred@intellection.com.au



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