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Monday July 17th

Technical Session 1 - Automated Mineralogical Reviews

Automated mineralogy: the dawning of a new age
A.R Butcher (Intellection Pty Ltd, Australia)

Mineralogy: A corner stone to continuous development
C. Greet and J. Kinal (Magotteaux Pty Ltd, Australia)

Automated mineralogy in the gold mining industry: a review
W.R. Goodall (MinAssist Pty Ltd, Australia) and P.J. Scales (University of Melbourne, Australia)

Towards a virtual metallurgical plant. 2- application of mineralogical data
M.D. Adams (Mutis Liber Pty Ltd, Australia)

The estimation of mineral grain size using automated mineralogy
D. Sutherland (Mineralurgy P/L, Australia)


Technical Session 2 - Electron Beam Technologies

Modern SEM based quantitative mineral analysis
Ying Gu, D. Burrows and K. Moeller (JKTech Pty Ltd, Australia)

JKMRC Mineral Liberation Analyser- a modern tool for ore characterisation and plant optimisation D. Burrows and Ying Gu (JKMRC, Australia)

Electron-beam based imaging... pushing the limits
B. Benvie (De Beers, South Africa)

EPMA mapping for minerals and materials characterisation
M.I. Pownceby, C.M. MacRae, and N.C. Wilson (CSIRO Minerals, Australia)


Technical Session 3- Other Technologies

Simultaneous absorptiometric determination of copper, nickel, iron and cobalt in refinery process streams: potential on-line Application
E. Archery (Anglo Platinum Ltd, South Africa)

Automated mineral identification by LIF
H.F. Broicher (ROCK-ID Consulting, Germany)

Measurement of on-line bulk mineralogy using radio frequency methods
D. Bennett,D.G. Miljak, and J. Khachan (CSIRO Minerals, Australia)

Compact Optical Parametric Oscillator for mid-infrared reflectance measurements: applications in mineralogy and ore sorting
D.L. Death, L.J. Pollard and C.A. Rogers (CSIRO Minerals, Australia)

The use of a single arm, six-axis robot for the high throughput analysis of bauxite samples by fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy
M.D. Nunes et al (Alcoa World Aumina, Australia) and F.E.A. Kroes (Suralco, Suriname)


Technical Session 4 - Optical Analysis

Utilization of optical image analysis and automatic iron ore classification for hydrocyclone performance prediction
E.Donskoi et al (CSIRO Minerals, Australia) and J.M.F. Clout (Fortescue Metals Group Limited, Australia)

Semi-automated petrographic assessment of coal by coal grain analysis
G. O’Brien (CSIRO Exploration and Mining, Australia), B. Jenkins (Jenkins-Kwan Technolgy Pty Ltd, Australia) and P. Ofori (CSIRO Energy Technology, Australia)


Tuesday July 18th


Technical Session 5- SEM-based Application Case Studies

Using automated mineralogy to improve plant performance: a holistic approach
K Ehrich and T Yates (BHP Billiton)

Automated mineralogical analysis of coal and ash products requirements and challenges
C. van Alphen (Van Alphen Consultancy, South Africa)

Automated mineralogy applied to bauxite characterization: a case study
R. Kwitko-Ribeiro (CVRD, Brazil)

The application of the value SCAN methodology to the Pooncarie Mineral Sands Project
G. Balderson (BEMAX Resources NL, Australia)

The Campaign Survey Model - a case study at Raglan Mine, Québec
N.O. Lotter (Falconbridge Ltd, Canada) and A. R. Laplante (McGill University, Canada)

A case study for integrated use of automated mineralogy in plant optimization: the Falconbridge Montcalm Concentrator
A. Charland et al (Falconbridge Technology Center, Canada)

The use of quantitative mineralogical data to interpret the behaviour of gangue minerals in the flotation of Merensky Reef ores
M. Becker, P. Harris, J. Wiese and D. Bradshaw (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

QEMSCAN analysis as a tool for improved understanding of gravity separator performance
R.D. Pascoe and M. Power (Camborne School of Mines, UK)

How QEMSCANTM technology can contribute to an understanding of the possible climate impacts of atmospheric dust
C. Pudmenzky, G.H. McTainsh (Griffith University, Australia), A. Butcher and A. Cropp (Intellection, Australia)

Applications of QEMSCAN in characterisation of gold occurrences in tailings material: a case study
W.R. Goodall (MinAssist Pty Ltd, Australia), A. Butcher (Intellection, Australia) and P.J. Scales (University of Melbourne, Australia)

Integration of light and electron microscope coal petrography methods
R. Fandrich, Y. Gu (JKTech Pty Ltd, Australia), B. Jenkins (Jenkins-Kwan Technology Pty Ltd, Australia) and G. O'Brien (CSIRO Exploration and Mining, Australia)

Mineral balancing as a diagnostic tool for interpreting the leach behaviour of ores
G. Wilkie and D. Latti (Rio Tinto Technical Services, Australia)



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