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Final Papers

Papers from the conference are published in Volume 17 Number 5, a special Hydrocyclones issue of Minerals Engineering journal. Download papers from this special issue from ScienceDirect.

The following papers are in this special issue (with corresponding authors):

Differential classification of dense material in a three-product cyclone

Comparison of small hydrocyclones based on total process costs
van der Krogt

Temperature, classification and dewatering in 10mm hydrocyclones
J.J. Cilliers

Velocity measurements in a cylindrical hydrocyclone operated with an opaque fiber suspension
J. Bergstrom

Monitoring the operation of an oil/water separator using impedance tomography
M.A. Bennett

Flow structures within miniature hydrocyclones
C.A. Petty

Hydrocarbon cyclones in hydrophilic oil sand environments
D.N. Madge

A three-dimensional simulation of a hydrocyclone for the sludge separation in water purifying plants and comparison with experimental data
Chee Burm Shin

Canmet hydrocyclone: An emerging alternative for the treatment of oily waste streams
Khalid Hashmi

New understanding of a hydrocyclone flow field and separation mechanism from computational fluid dynamics
R.A. Williams

Application of CFD to modelling of the flow in hydrocyclones. Is this a realisable option or still a research challenge?
T. Dyakowski

Two empirical hydrocyclone models revisited
D. Wiseman

Separation of finest particles in hydrocyclones
Th. Neesse

Measuring the operation state of the hydrocyclone
Th. Neesse

Designing automated computational fluid dynamics modelling tools for hydrocyclone design
M. Slack

Optimizing hydrocyclone design using advanced CFD Model
T.J. Olson

A design tool for optimising axial liquid-liquid hydrocyclones
R. Delfos

Hydrocyclone operation at the transition point rope/spray discharge
Th. Neesse




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